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Here at Barefoot Living Arts our goal is to create a supportive space and community to assist you in connecting with your inner self. It is within that you will find everything you need, and we believe that to go within one must feel safe and unconditionally accepted. Therefore, our practitioners gladly offer their knowledge, skill, and support to assist you on your journey inward.



About - Barefoot Living Arts in Fairfield, CT
Dr. Mark J. Romano – Naturopathic Physician, Certified Sheng Zhen Meditation Teacher.

Dr. Romano practices holistic medical arts under a National Board Certification and a Connecticut State Licensure. His education includes an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in Human Kinesiology, and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. His naturopathic approach is to integrate western medical sciences with eastern healing philosophies to impart to his patients a SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and NOURISHING way to restore health in their lives.

Holistic medical art services employed by Dr. Romano include:
-   Biotherapeutic Drainage
-  Acupuncture
-   Nutritional guidance
-   Holistic Body Centered Therapy
-   Sheng Zhen Meditation training

Dr. Romano focuses on serving individuals seeking relief from a wide range of physical ailments including pain, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic illness. His goals is to help co-create a narrative of health that aligns with the values of his patients. 

Dr. Romano began his journey into the world of health and wellness in the 90's. Familiar with exercise and the physical body from football and other sports, Mark graduated from school with a specialization in exercise physiology. Soon after, he began personal training, which led him to quickly explore chiropractic medicine. Feeling unconvinced that this was the best way to approach health, Dr. Romano continued his search and ultimately came across naturopathy.

He enrolled at the University of Bridgeport, all the while continuing to learn about movement and its role in health and wellness. Mark observed that those patients who participated in some sort of movement in their lives tended to respond better to treatment.

From this place of understanding, Dr. Romano found qigong and his teacher Master Li Junfeng, who he has had the honor of studying under. Learning qigong to feel acupuncture points and how to listen to the body has helped Mark be the intuitive practitioner he is today.

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