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Find Your Footing

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Upcoming Workshops and Classes


Three dimensional breathing with doris pasteleur hall

Saturday October 13th 9:30am-11am

Join Doris Pasteleur Hall for a class exploring the cavity called the ribcage through breath and gentle movements.


midweek retreat with dr. tanvi Gandhi

Wednesdays 3pm-4:30pm

Dr. Tanvi Gandhi offers a restorative retreat including tea ceremony, pranayama, acupuncture and meditation. 


What does it mean to find your footing?

Find your footing means to find stability in the present moment, in your current environment. It means to be able to be grounded, and by trusting that you are grounded you are then able to look up and around at where you are. 

When you find your footing you needn't look far to the future or the past, but you are instead standing firmly in the present. From this space, you can then move forward with integrity and will.