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Why Barefoot Living Arts?
Where it began and what we're about

WELCOME - Barefoot Living Arts in Fairfield, CT

Barefoot Living Arts operates out of a philosophy which is based on an integrated model that recognizes both Western and Eastern approaches to well-being. We aim to promote inner peace and help individuals cultivate a calm heart, empty mind and find their flow state through acceptance and surrender. At the same time we address common struggles that individuals share with digestion, sleep, pain management, neurological health and immunity through encouraging change and supporting individuals as they strive to be their best.

Barefoot Living Arts was created on the same premise as Dr. Mark's private practice, to assist people in returning to their natural state. Based off of the concept of Barefoot Doctors in China, the center is a place that provides resources for individuals to reconnect to themselves, not only as individuals but also as a community.

Barefoot Living Arts believes that connection is incredibly important in the healing process, therefore we aim to create a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental community. Though group classes as well as individualized treatment,

Barefoot Living Arts is a place where individuals are seen, heard, and cared for.

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