Heaven and Nature Gong

Mondays & Fridays @ 8:30a

Heaven Nature Gong is a standing form.  Qi flows through the body through the practice, and little by little,  does its work of opening the Heart, releasing blockages, dissolving physical and emotional pain. Enjoy the graceful standing movements and see your body as a boat carrying you on a journey of discovering the meaning and joy of life.  Through the practice of Heaven Nature Gong, invite Love and qi to nourish your True Self. As with all standing forms, the movements may be modified for sitting.



Mid-day Meditation

Monday thru Friday @ 2pm

Starting January 15th, Barefoot Living Arts will be offering a mid-day hour long meditation class every day of the week! What’s more- for the month of January all meditation classes will be free. Come re-center in a group setting and cultivate peace during your busy day.


Healing Gong

thursdays @ 11A

Healing Gong, a form of Sheng Zhen, is a restorative medical qigong that blends an ancient tradition with gentle, meditative movements performed seated on a chair. Healing Gong is an integration of healing traditions, using the power of Nature to heal oneself. The practice leads one to the original state that abides in every human being. One comes to experience the opening of the Heart and the stillness of the mind. This form is loved by many for the physical and mental benefits it has bestowed upon them. There are 3 Stages of Healing Gong, and each stage has 10 movements. 


Sister Circle

thursdays @ 6:30

Sister Circles offer a space for women to discover their soul's purpose, to explore all parts of themselves and join in community with other women. “Sisterhood”--- real life bonding with other women to gain strength in knowing you are supported, heard and seen. Circles will incorporate sharing, meditation, breath work, movement and a variety of other methods. All classes are carefully designed through intuitively guided intention.