DBT Skills for Everyday Life

Tuesdays 12:30-2pm and Wednesdays 11am-12:30pm

with Cindy Poster Phd. and Mindy Hersh Phd.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches a practical approach to better manage emotions. The relationship between acceptance and change is the root concept of DBT, and it promotes an “and” rather than an “either/or” way of thinking. DBT teaches how to cope with and change unhealthy behaviors and thoughts. It provides skills to manage emotions and decrease conflict in these four areas: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance. Zen Buddhist inspired instruction to gain an awareness of one's self is at the core of DBT. Cindy and Mindy are experienced counselors who use this heightened sense of awareness to help the individuals in the group see how their actions affect others and vice versa.

Sheng Zhen- Standing Meditation

Mondays & Fridays @ 9:15am with Dr. MArk

Sheng Zhen Meditation is a system of meditations in motion or in stillness. It draws and circulates qi, the life force, into the body. In the process, the practice pours Love into the heart of the practitioner bringing about a feeling of well-being, harmony with one’s surroundings, and a feeling of divine contentment. One is able to truly enjoy life and experience a sense of ease even in the midst of challenges.

Sheng Zhen Healing- Moving Meditation

TUesdays & thursdays @ 10:30AM with DR. Mark

Sheng Zhen Healing Qigong , is a restorative form and blends an ancient tradition with gentle, meditative movements performed seated on a chair. Healing Gong is an integration of healing traditions, using the power of Nature to heal oneself. What is the essence of the practice? The practice leads one to the original state that abides in every human being. One comes to experience the opening of the Heart and the stillness of the mind. This form is loved by many for the physical and mental benefits it has bestowed upon them. Dr. Mark has used this form of qigong to help his patients move towards health after suffering from such ailments as lyme disease, chronic fatigue, cancer, and colitis.

Embodied Movement and Breathing Class

Tuesdays at 9:15am  with Doris Pasteleur Hall ( starting in October)

Embodied Movement is designed to teach you ways to breathe, move, and be more comfortable in your body. Doris Pasteleur Hall is one of the true master of embodied movement in Fairfield County and we are grateful to have her share her knowledge, wisdom, and joy at Barefoot Living Arts.

Artfulness Meditation


Expand your meditation practice and cultivate your creativity! Join us on the first of every month. All are welcome! Beginners and non-beginners of both art & mindfulness are welcome. Bring your own tools for drawing, writing, painting or any other outlet of your choice!

$5 dollar donation

Xui Xing Conscious Conversation Group

first monday of the month at 6:30pm  with Dr. MArk

Xiu Xing means the act of walking a path to enlightenment by applying what one has learned from self inquiry and contemplation. During this meeting we will engage in meditation, contemplation, and philosophical conversation about the challenges and struggles that we collectively experience during these changing times.