Primal Movement for Mobility with Matan Cohen-Citron

Saturday May 6th from 2-4pm

As humans, we have the capacity to move better than any other animal.  Movement is not just something we do in order to take our bodies from one place to another. Movement has a big part in our brain development.  Our experience with reality is through the body, and how it feels and moves directly affects the quality of our life. What can you do with your body? Can you sit on the ground comfortably, squat, crawl, jump, roll, invert, hang, push, pull?  Do you breathe well? This workshop will include a discussion to stimulate the thinking about your movement routine, and a practice that will focus on restoring your mobility and exploring different blind spots we have as a society

Circle of Support with Halley Ceglia LCSW

A Body Image Support Group

Tuesday May 30th from 7-8:30pm

You are not alone. So many women come into therapy and coaching sessions concerned about their bodies. Through dedicated work together, we are able to unveil the underlying issues causing concern. If you are reading this and feel a pull to jump in, please do. Through sisterhood in a group format, you will gain insight and skills to utilize for years to come. We will explore yoga for body acceptance as well as relaxation, sharing, breathwork, meditation and more. Do you obsess over your weight or shape? Do you think "I'll finally be happy when I am this weight or shape"? Do you find yourself scanning your body in the mirror? Do you ask others for their opinions? Do you crave self-acceptance?