Community Acupuncture with Dr. Tanvi Gandhi

Wednesdays: 2,3p & Fridays: 5p

Find healing and support in this community offering as you unwind with others. This class begins with a guided meditation, inviting your body to relax more deeply and fully receive the benefits of acupuncture. This is a donation based offering.

Empowered Women's Tribe with Dr. Tanvi Gandhi

Thursdays: 5p to 6p

Could it be possible that being part of a community increases your health, happiness and longevity? Research has shown, for women it certainly does. Women thrive and live their best lives when they are a part of a healthy community of sisters. Through gathering together, we can find support through life's challenges, as well as celebration for all of life's joy.


Community Workshop For Moms with Beth Segaloff

A support group for moms

Wednesday May 10th: 6-7:30p

Being a mom can be the most wonderful and demanding role.   The reality is that we live in a world that is so fast-paced where we are faced with stressors and challenges.  This can be overwhelming and has extreme effects on our children and families. Being with people who “get it” is a powerful way to develop relationships, create connections and cultivate awareness, transformation and JOY. You are not in this alone! Let’s commit to support one another through the fun and crazy ride of self-care and parenting! Throughout the session, I will guide you through approaches and strategies to practice conscious parenting, self-care, stress relief and ways to become more present creating more balance and harmony.