Understand the Purpose of Xiu Xing

What is Xiu Xing?

The literal translation of Xiu Xing is the act of walking a path to enlightenment by applying what one has learned from self-inquiry and contemplation. Sheng Zhen meditations and contemplations are tools that can be used in the practice of Xiu Xing. Every month, Barefoot Living Arts holds Xiu Xing groups to facilitate collective flow states for the purpose of finding creative solutions to modern problems. Our groups operate in the following format:

Xiu Xing

1.       State your intention in a circle

2.       Gathering Qi (standing form) – 10 mins

3.       Reading of meaningful text

4.       Moment of silence followed by statements, reflections and questions of inquiry

5.       Heart Mind As One (seated form) – 10 mins

6.       Conscious conversation

7.       Reread meaningful text

8.       Seated meditation – 10 mins

9.       Closing

Mark Romano